Payment via Credit Card

Once the purchasing process is completed, you will receive a payment code (12 digits) by SMS

Payment process can be done by 3 ways

1. Contact your responsible sales' representative.

2. Contact sales administrator in main office nearby your place;

    - Bangkok 02-555-5091

    - Eastern Dept. 086-899-8487

    - Northeastern Dept. 091-119-5376

    - Southern Dept. 086-491-5535

    - CPAC Call Center 02-555-5944, 02-555-5966

3. Online Payment, before making the payment some personal information would be provided;

    - Type of credit card

    - Your Credit Limit and ID Card No.

    (In case your first online payment, the credit limit would be required by your own account bank NOT relates to CPAC)

    - Site Code

    - Click "Payment Transaction"

Payment Transaction